Anne Sullivan School

What Does My Child Learn in Preschool?

Research shows between birth and five years old, 90% of brain development occurs and the foundation for learning is being laid. Learning that occurs in this “window of opportunity” has a life-long impact. But we may ask, what they have learned while attending preschool? Social-emotional development is now seen as the most important aspect of […]

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Moving On: Transitioning to New Classrooms

After many months of much growth and development, it is time for the children to transition to a new classroom with different teachers as well as many old and new friends. Some of the Kindergarteners have been at Anne Sullivan School since they were three years old and now, at the age of six, they […]

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Annual Open House a Time to Share and Celebrate

Come celebrate with us at our 40th Annual Open House, Saturday, April 8, 2017. This is a very special yearly event for the children, their families, the staff, alumnae and all who are connected with the school. If this is your first year, you may wonder why it is so special. One of the important […]

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