The Art of Parenting

You probably know by now that as parents, you have embraced a work of love and responsibility in raising your children. And, as your children grow and develop, your parenting skills need to expand right along with them. As your children grow into early childhood, their world will begin to open up. They will become […]

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5 Toys as Tools for Growing Scientific Minds

As we approach the holiday season, we are often asked for ideas for gift giving for young children. One area of play and learning that is very attractive to young children is science and nature. Young children don’t require highly specialized or expensive equipment to learn how to explore the natural world scientifically. They do […]

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NAP SACC: Staying On-Track with Nutrition and Exercise

Anne Sullivan Preschool and Kindergarten is proud to be a certified NAP SACC site. The NAP SACC program addresses a major health problem in American children: childhood obesity. NAP SACC aims to promote healthy weight development in preschool children by improving the nutritional quality of food served, as well as the amount and quality of […]

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