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Family-School Partnership

Anne Sullivan Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten recognizes the importance of a strong family-school partnership. The inter-connectedness of the children’s family life and their school experience is an important part of their education. Family engagement happens when early childhood professionals and families engage in an interactive process of relationship-building. The process is mutual, respectful, and responsive to a family’s language and culture.

Children thrive in a school environment in which their families are involved. Numerous studies have shown that strong family/school bonds have positive academic benefits. When families are involved, children’s problem-solving skills and social competency are enhanced. When families and teachers exchange ideas, the school experience becomes more meaningful for the children. It allows children to see important people in their lives working together. When children see positive interactions between parents and educators, they begin to understand the importance of building healthy relationships.

Family engagement in children’s early education experience is also important because it increases the parents’ knowledge of the developmentally appropriate practices used to teach young children, as well as showing the children the value you place on education.

Meaningful relationship-building is ongoing and requires time and attention. Parents are welcome to contact the teachers daily to briefly transmit information about the child or give special instructions for the day. Parents are welcome to schedule an appointment to speak with the classroom teacher or Educational Director. You will receive another Developmental Assessment of your child in the spring, and it would be helpful for you to schedule a conference to share your observations of your child’s development and learning. It is also helpful to share some problems you have encountered and the solutions that you have tried.

Your child’s well-being and education relies on a strong family-school partnership. Let’s work together.

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