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Learning with the Creative Curriculum

Anne Sullivan Preschool uses the Creative Curriculum®, a research based and research proven program, based on the philosophy that children learn best by doing. The Creative Curriculum is built on theories of development in young children, that all children learn through active exploration of their environment and therefore the environment plays a critical role in learning.

Studies are at the core of this curriculum. Also known as project learning, studies are long-term, in depth investigations of topics that engage children in meaningful learning. Exploration and discovery of ordinary things is a way of learning that engages children’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder. Study topics like balls, roads, seeds, insects, exercise, tubes and tunnels, clothes and pets invite children to hand-on explorations. Teachers base their study on real life examples and resources such as places to visit, books to read and people to talk about. 

Studies focus on science and social studies that are of interest to children and already hold meaning in their lives. Studies are built around discovering the answers to questions both the teachers and the children generate. Do all balls bounce? How are roads made? How can we move boxes? Where can we find tubes and tunnels? How do pets make us feel? How do we care for pets?

For a study to be successful, the teachers organize materials, plan and execute experiences, facilitate investigations and document findings. Instead of presenting the facts, studies nurture curiosity, empower discovery and promote problem solving. Children construct their own knowledge by observing, manipulating materials, exploring real examples, reflecting individually and as a group, making connections and drawing conclusions.
August and September were devoted in building a classroom community, getting to know each other, classroom rules and daily routines. In October and November, the children will study topics such as our body, nutrition and healthy foods, seeds, planting and music making. Parents can read in the weekly lesson plans or ask the teachers how to contribute to their investigations that will encourage our young learners to continue their path of discovery!

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