Our Classes

At Anne Sullivan Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten, our class sizes are limited to enhance social development and foster harmonious student-teacher and student-student relationships.

We believe that every moment is a teaching moment, and our high-quality class programs are designed to meet the learning and social-emotional needs of each unique child and his/her family. Class curriculum encompasses social skills, language, reading, math, science, Spanish, music, art and physical education.

Our classrooms are spacious and set up with stimulating interest areas that enable the children to explore and experiment with books, dramatic play, sand & water, blocks, art materials, music, learning games, and cooking. Through their purposeful play, the children learn math and literacy concepts, and develop understanding about science, technology and social studies. With teacher support and playing with their peers, the children develop their motivation to learn, task persistence and positive social skills.


The Social Environment

Our program is committed to enhancing social development and fostering harmonious relationships. This commitment is reflected in physical layout of the classrooms and the limitation of group size and teacher-child ratio. With a small group of children under their care, the teachers can devote time to on-going individual and group dynamics. The teacher also becomes familiar with each individual child and discovers how she might facilitate his/her ability to function effectively within a group.

Social interaction forms an integral part of our curriculum. A difficulty that arises between individual children is not considered as an obstacle to the learning process, but the very heart of it. Teachers dedicate time to facilitate problem solving and peaceful conflict resolution. By modeling skills and techniques, as well as encouraging children to analyze the problematic situation itself, teachers endeavor to empower the children to resolve their future difficulties on their own.

The school’s commitment to the ideals and practices of anti-bias education, which form an essential component in the curriculum and physical setting, also directly affects the social setting. Following anti-bias guidelines, the staff dedicates itself to awakening the children’s awareness of, and appreciation for, the similarities and differences which characterize human beings as individuals, as families, as societies, as cultures.

A Natural Setting

We are pleased to offer children the benefits of a peaceful and expansive natural setting. The school is situated on 30 acres of planted habitat with fruit and ornamental trees & shrubs, orchards, flowers and an education garden. Our play yards are also adorned with greenery and shaded with trees.

This environment allows the teachers to supplement classroom instruction with learning experiences based within nature , stimulating the children’s interest in and respect for the world around them. Under the teacher’s guidance, children are free to investigate the microhabitats and engage in the joy of exploration coupled with the development of skills in asking questions, observation and experimentation.

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