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Upcoming Parenting Class with Sandi Schwartz

Parenting, for many, can be stressful at times – particularly if your child exhibits challenging behaviors.

If you’ve found yourself wondering how you can eliminate the yelling, punishing, and time-outs, join us with Sandi Schwartz, Internationally-acclaimed parenting coach, on Wednesday, February 15th from 6-7:30pm.

Sandi will facilitate the workshop Challenging Behaviors: Everything a Parent Needs to Know to Handle Them Confidently

She will discuss the root causes of challenging behaviors, and provide techniques and strategies that can help you more confidently handle them.

Participants will also receive a signed copy of her book, Authentic Parenting Power, as well as a copy of the CD, The Secrets of Empowered Parenting.

Free childcare is offered during the workshop, so RSVP today!

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