Preschool Painting

Welcome All Families to the Fall Semester 2019

Your children have begun their school experience and we want to get them off to a good start. 

In preschool, children learn to be students. They adjust to a group situation, learn to raise their hands at circle time, and feel secure by the routine of the day. Not only does preschool provide academic preparation for elementary school, it provides an environment for children to explore, gain a sense of self, play with peers and build self-confidence. Children learn they can accomplish tasks and make choices without the help of their parents.

Starting the school year in a new school, you may have some questions. May I visit the classroom? When do I have to pay? What can I bring for my child’s birthday? What curriculum is the school following? What toys can my child bring to school? When can I meet with the teacher in a conference? What if my child is absent due to illness? 

These questions, and many more regarding the school’s policies and guidelines, can be found in the Family Handbook. It is easy to read and accessible to all on the website under the Parents section or access it directly by clicking here

During the month of September or October, all families will be invited to participate in an Orientation Meeting of their child’s classroom on a weekday evening.  This is an opportunity for your child’s teachers to present the year’s program and explaining what your child will be learning. In addition, it gives families an opportunity to meet other families, offer suggestions and ask questions regarding the classroom. Dates and times will be posted in your child’s classroom.  

Here we go, off to another school year! We value the school’s partnership with families so that we can work together to ensure your child receives the excellent early childhood education each one deserves. 

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