Welcome, Parents and Caregivers!

At Anne Sullivan Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten, we know the decision to put your child in another’s care is one of the biggest decisions you will make as a parent, and we truly want to thank you for trusting us with this responsibility. We value our relationship with you and welcome you to our Anne Sullivan community.

There are many things we do to cultivate our relationship with parents. We offer open communication between parents and teachers every day. Please feel free to check in with your child’s teacher and ask questions as they arise. For topics that might require more attention, conferences and email communication are available.

We offer free vision screenings each year, to help bring attention to any issues that might need more attention. We also have many resources on parenting, such as workshops and reading material, to help enrich your relationship with your child. Assessments are performed in each classroom, so that you will have a thorough understanding of your child in the school environment by the end of the school year. Our staff development is an ongoing program at Anne Sullivan, and our teachers are continually learning to keep up to date on the most recent practices in Early Childhood Education.

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to share special abilities or skills during the school day, and to be a part of the classroom community. Anytime a parent shares with the class, it makes the program so much richer! We love to get to know you better.

Lastly, you must know that we are committed to accepting and understanding your individual child for who he or she is. We strive to provide an enriching learning environment based on that understanding, to nurture your child’s love of learning for a lifetime.

Welcome to Anne Sullivan School!

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