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Ages 41/2 - 5

Transitional Kindergarten

A window into life-long learning for your child


A caring and supportive environment, our experienced teachers nurture your child’s natural curiosity, gratitude, and love of exploration and discovery. Our children learn by doing by employing all their senses and intelligences in a variety of stimulating, joyful and meaningful experiences.


Our Transitional Kindergarten program meets California's state standards for children to develop the social-emotional, physical, and intellectual skills needed to succeed in kindergarten and formal education. Subjects include language, reading, math, science, Spanish, social studies, music and movement, art and physical education.



Our credentialed teachers design their individualized lessons around each child's needs evaluated through a daily schedule of work and activities. Focus areas include vocabulary enrichment, memory exercises, confidence and self-esteem, writing and motor skills, sitting, listening, direction, social interaction, creativity, and problem solving.


Children who turn 5 years of age between September 2, 2024 and June 2, 2025 qualify to enter our Transitional Kindergarten for the 24-25 school year.

Weekly Menus


Anne Sullivan Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten seeks to promote healthy weight development in preschool children by improving the nutritional quality of food served, as well as the amount and quality of physical activity.

We provide home cooked meals every day. There are 4 menus that are rotated weekly each month. Please refer to the daily menus under the corresponding week to know precisely what your child is eating while at school.

Explore Our Preschool Classrooms

Rainbow Room

2 years 9 months
Ms. Summer, Ms. Cindy Z., Ms. Elizabeth
7:30amGreetings and Free Choice Activities
8:30amOutdoor Play (Big Yard)
9:15amCircle Time: Study Topic
9:35amInterest Areas / Small Group Classes
10:15amClean Up
10:20amCircle Time: Music and Movement
10:35amOutdoor Play/ Guided P.E. Activity
11:15amClean Up
11:35amOutside Self Selected Activities
12:10pmIndoors, read aloud/puzzles/drawing
12:30pmRest Time
2:30pmSnack & Interest Areas
3:15pmWhole Group Circle Time
3:30pmOutdoor Play- Peace Garden
4:30pmCombine classrooms: Activities (Hill Yard) or Inside Centers (Butterfly Room)
5:30pmSchool Closes

Sunshine Room

4 years old (birthday is after Sept. 1)
Ms. Patricia, Ms. Judy, Ms. Joy
7:30amGreetings and child-initiated interest centers
8:30amOutdoor free exploration of play areas
8:50amWhole group meeting: Study topic
9:35amOutdoor choice time and guided P.E. activity (Hill Yard)
10:20amInside: Small group class, read-aloud and choice time in interest areas
11:15amWhole group meeting: Music and Movement
11:45amOutside free play (Big Yard)
12:20pmToileting routines
12:30pmRest Time
2:30pmSnack and small group activities
3:20pmWhole group circle time
3:30pmOutdoor free exploration (Big Yard)
4:30pmCombine classes: Activities (Hill Yard) or Inside Centers (Butterfly Room)
5:30pmSchool Closes

Butterfly Room

4 years old (child is eligible for kindergarten next school year)
Ms. Noemi, Ms. Patty, Ms. May, Ms. Brigitte, Ms. Teresita
7:30amIndoors free exploration of centers
8:45amWhole Group: Journaling
9:00amSmall group class, Centers
9:20amWhole Group meeting: Study topic/Music/Movement
9:45amOutdoors: *Guided physical activity *Child initiated play (Big Yard)
10:35amRead aloud / small group class
10:45amSmall-Group classes: *Art *Centers *Child initiated play
11:15amClean up
11:20amWhole-Group Circle: *Skill oriented *Spanish *Music/Movement
12:00pmOutdoors: Child-initiated play
12:25pmToileting: children transition inside for nap
12:35pmStory time
12:50pmRest time
2:30pmWaking-up, snack and group games
3:00pmWhole Group: *Read aloud *Music / Movement
3:20pmIndoors / Outdoors
Teacher planned activities: *Art & Crafts *Child-initiated play
5:30pmSchool closes

Ladybug Room

4 years old (eligible for kindergarten next school year)
Ms. Alicia, Ms. Miriam, Ms. Debby
7:30amGreetings and free exploration of centers
8:30amOutdoor self-selected activities
9:00amGroup Meeting
9:25amInside: Snack/Small Group Classes and Learning Centers
10:20amSmall Group Read Aloud
10:35amOutside: free exploration and teacher directed gross motor activities (Big Yard)
11:45amFree exploration outside (Hill Yard)
12:15pmClean up and hygiene routine
12:30pmRest time
2:30pmSnack and group games
3:10pmGroup Meeting
3:30pmSelf-selected activities / Arts and Crafts inside or outside (Hill Yard)
5:30pmSchool closes

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